Wildlife & Adventure

Mark has worked in all facets of production while contributing to the following films:

Wild Logic's "THE DARK SIDE OF THE OCEAN." THE DARK SIDE OF THE OCEAN follows Rick Rosenthal in his quest to film the greatest migration on Earth.

Cameraman + Editor

DisneyNature's "BEARS."  Disneynature's Bears opens in theatres in time for Earth Day on April 18, 2014! The program See "Bears," Protect Our National Parks invites moviegoers to see the film during opening week (April 18-24, 2014) and Disneynature, via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, will make a contribution to the National Park Foundation to protect wildlife and wild places across America's National Park system.

BBC's "ATLANTIC: THE WILDEST OCEAN ON EARTH." Programme website: http://bbc.in/1MfG2tM This series reveals the amazing, surprising and resilient inhabitants of the Atlantic.

Drone Pilot + Camera

Mark is currently working as a cameraman on a multi-year project titled "Whale Wisdom" for Wild Logic LLC and Terra Mater Factual Studios. This film follows filmmaker Rick Rosenthal's quest to see how intelligent whales are. Cameraman + Drone Pilot.

Wild Logic's "HOT TUNA." A teaser for the film "Hot Tuna" finalist in the Marine Animal Behavior category for the BLUE Ocean film festival. It is the ultimate marine animal -- one of the fastest, most powerful and most intelligent fishes in the sea. But it's also the most highly prized.


Dancing with Dragons follows a pair of young biologists and friends who decide to set out on an epic adventure. Forrest and Mark decide to track down the largest reptile on the continent, the American Crocodile, and study its life history. In a quest to understand to the toothy animals, the friends journey throughout Central America, filming every stage of the animal’s lifecycle, exposing some shocking truths and exploring the deadly reputation of a living dinosaur.

Director of Photography